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They say chin is inferior to the nose, but to Jenny, there is nothing inferior about the chin. To her, the chin balances up the outline of the face, which determines the structure and shape of the face. As the face remain the best feature to distinguish an individual from another, we are not arguing against Jenny preoccupation with the chin.

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It is well documented that facial symmetry is one of the most important determinant of facial attractiveness. Often when a face is perceived to be more symmetric, then the higher the chances that that face is more attractive. One of the key determinants of symmetry is how well the face is being proportionate.


Since Jenny regards the chin highly, it is something close to her heart, naturally she wanted a fuller and better proportionate chin. And she thinks that she have a short chin which makes her face rounded, and she is not helped by having chunky jawbones.

She also thinks that her face is flat, a typical characteristic of Asian face which lack the sharp features such as high nose bridge, deep eye set and or protruding chin, common amongst Caucasian. Since she made up her mind to augment her chin, she decides to pay a visit to the now familiar Premier Clinic.


She had been to Premier Clinic TTDI earlier and for comparison sake, she head to Bangsar to have her chin done. She was greeted by Dr. Elaine Chong and proceed to highlight her concern. After Dr. Elaine concurred that with a fuller chin, should add more character to her face, she is applied numbing cream in preparation for chin filler injection.


Dr. Elaine put a mark on Jenny’s chin to indicate the area to inject, and for this procedure Dr. Elaine uses Juvederm Voluma, as the name implied, to increase volume to the otherwise impoverished chin. Under the experienced hands of Dr. Elaine, Jenny could hardly feel any pain at all.




Dr. Elaine also advised that if Jenny wanted a longer lasting result, she should avoid prolong sun exposure or taking hot steaming bath. This is understandable as fillers are consist of Hyaluronic Acid which breaks down under extreme heat but otherwise is harmless, as it is a natural substance in the body.


Jenny came back for a review after one week, and she is happy to say that there is no pain and no bruising at all on her face. She is full of praises for Dr. Elaine’s, especially her exceptional injection technique and more importantly, a fuller chin that naturally augment a sharper face.


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