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As an avid blogger, Liyliz detailed her experience in her journal #acnejourney and was shared amongst her followers. When some were asked about laser, most readers would answer ‘pain’ and a second ‘scary’, which is understandable. Which was why a determined Liyliz went all the way to Premier Clinic on a personal quest to find out more about Fractional Laser.


She met Dr. Aarthi Maria who noticed that she have serious pigmented lesion on her cheek area. Dr. Aarthi elaborated that the cause for her scarring is due to Post-inflammatory Hiper-pigmentation (PIH), they are likely caused by her pinching on acne spot. The damage as a result of pinching or squeezing on acne may result in PIH and scarring too.


Dr. Aarthi advised Liyliz the treatments and after its agreeable, she was ushered into the treatment room to apply the numbing cream. After 20 mins, Dr. Aarthi begins treatment on Liyliz with Fractional Erbium Laser. Dr. Aarthi carefully explained to Liyliz that she will run through her face with the laser applicator. Throughout the session, Liyliz felt comfortable only noting that its a bit hot on her face.


After the laser session, Liyliz underwent cooling down session with ice cooled towel, which also serves to calm down the skin. Liyliz is up and running after 15 mins. She then proceeds to our make-up room the freshen up. She absolutely fell in love with the ambiance inside Premier Clinic, each of the room just felt right. She like the element of exclusivity once inside the clinic.



Lastly, she thanks, Dr. Aarthi and the rest of the crew for helping to debunk the myth that laser is painful. Since its not painful, then there is nothing to be afraid anymore.


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