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As part of our initiative to dispel the misconception about aesthetic clinic, we invited blogger Rohafiza under www.fiezasani.xyz to come for aesthetic review. Although, she felt awkward initially, to receive an invitation from Premier Clinic,nonetheless, she took the challenge to try out our treatment.


She met Dr. Aarthi for consultation on her skin and found that she have dull and tired looking skin. Her pores are all congested, a result of years and layers of make-up accumulated in the skin, clogging all pores.


Dr. Aarthi added that as we aged, the turnover of the skin will gradually reduce, in another word, we are stuck with old skin, unlike during younger days where our skin renews every 27 days. Together with other factors such as having a sedentary lifestyle, environment pollution, the type of food intake and etc. all contribute to our skin outlook.


To accommodate Fieza’s fear of invasive procedure, Dr. Aarthi recommended Silk Peel treatment. Silk Peel is a dermabrasion treatment that removed dead skin cells, stimulate skin turnover and replacement with young cells for a finer looking skin.



This dermabrasion treatment with Silk Peel is one of the most comfortable treatment that instantly polishes the surface of the skin which consist of 90% dead skin cells, thus allowing new skin cell to move up to epidermal (surface) and replace the discarded skin. The more often this process is allowed to take place, the better it would encourage more cells being produce and the process goes on and on.

after silkpeel


The treatment took 30 minutes to complete and the result is immediately noticeable. The first time Fieza look into the mirror, she is pleasantly surprised to find that she look much younger and less haggard looking. She is really glad to take up the challenge to come to Premier Clinic for she had a good time and a great looking skin too. She end with a cheeky line ‘belum cuba, belum tahu, sudah cuba, hari hari mahu!’

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