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The Ellanse filler have finally reached our shore in Malaysia and right into the doorstep of Premier Clinic. Dr. Kee was invited to private Ellanse workshop recently by Dr. Pierre Nicolau, a Plastic Surgeon from Paris and Spain who is experienced with Ellanse.


Dr. Kee’s opinion was sought, discussed and shared during the workshop, where they all agree that Ellanse could be a new alternative for facial line and contour augmentation.


Being a filler with ‘tunable longevity’, Ellanse filler does not degrade as quickly as other fillers. It comes in 4 options Ellanse – S/M/L/E of various longevity. Imagine this, you can now request for filler injection to increase your nose bridge, and you can choose how long the results stays from 1 to 4 years depends on what you opted for.

The workshop also talked about post-injections, and they concluded that Ellanse which is bioresorbable, which means that the filler can dissolve into the body as soluble water and pass on as waste through normal excretion, sweating and even breathing.

Studies also show that Ellanse pose very little risk in terms of inflammatory reaction, and the promotion of good collagen Type-1, which is beauty friendly, to maintain stable yet consistent aesthetic results.


You can request for Ellanse to improve any part of your face, from covering laughing lines, to having a sharper nose, and even a fuller chin. The workshop then proceeds to practical application, where 3 volunteers were selected for cheek augmentation. The results were impressive, with visible instant lift on cheek area while the facial expression remains natural.



With Ellanse, you can be sure that Dr. Kee has added a new armour to an arsenal of treatments that he can do at Premier Clinic. Direct your enquiry to us at 012-662 5552 or email to us at contactus@premier-clinic.com. Live chat with us at www.premier-clinic.com

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