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They say a credible aesthetic doctor should be able to think on the feet and work at the drop of a hat. We can’t agree more, as we have first-hand observation of how our doctors are at work in Premier Clinic. Besides handling mind boggling treatments, they are spot on with the type of treatments to suit patient of varying conditions.


In comes Aerisk Ong, a graphic designer by profession, who made the trip to Premier Clinic for consultation on blemishes and acne on her back. Being a happy-go-lucky and outdoor person, Aerisk finds it rather unflattering with revealing blemishes on her back.


Her problem was compounded by new breakouts every now and then, that she is beginning to get worried that it would never heal. Back acne if untreated could also possibly lead to post-inflammatory hiper pigmentation and scarring.

She called Premier Clinic to make an appointment and met Dr. Kee for consultation into her long-standing problem. Dr. Kee explained that back acne is a common occurrence in Malaysia, with a staggering statistics of 7 out of 10 individuals suffers from back acne.


As Aerisk began to loosen up, she requests for a non-invasive treatment that can help with her condition. She would prefer safe, simple and effective treatment, if there is any available at Premier Clinic. Dr. Kee thoroughly explains to Aerisk the type of treatments available before settled on chemical peel.


He proceeds to prepare a combinative peeling treatment using salicylic acid and TCA. Both chemicals if done correctly should produce the desired synergistic effect on the body. Improvement is noticeable with reduction in active acne, minimize acne scars and also strengthening of the skin cells on her back.


After the peeling treatment, Aerisk undergoes LED Photomodulation therapy, to help neutralize the exfoliative effect from chemical peel. She should also benefit from LED treatment to reduce skin inflammation, and soothe overactive skin condition.


She appreciates the insights provided by Dr. Kee during the consultation session. She also thanks all the support staff at Premier Clinic for making her feel welcome. She will definitely recommend her friends and family to Premier Clinic.

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