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Well-known local entertainer and emcee Kenny Goi was keen to lose weight. Kenny was 157kg.
He’s tried different diets, exercises and slimming methods without good results.

Here’s part 1 of Kenny telling about his weight issue.


Kenny Weight Loss Journey

Hi, I am Kenny. Today we are here to talk about my weight loss program. Well look at me, I am obese, as I said, “super obese”. Now I am 157KG and super fat.

I am very happy and super excited as I got selected as one of the candidates, sponsored by Premier Clinic to join the weight loss program. So, in the next three months, I know that I am going to have a drastic change.

Well, a lot of people asked me: why the sudden change? Why suddenly I want to lose weight so badly. If you are not fat, you wouldn’t know the feeling. Sometimes when you walk, you have short breath. You can’t go for a run because your knee will be painful. And the worst part is, you can’t find clothes that you liked.  Lots of time when I go shopping, I can’t buy things that I want. Also, easily have muscle pain, tired all the time, trying to stop myself from eating a lot. So, it’s time to change!

I tried drugs prescribed by the doctor, I tried to exercise, I have tried eating less, but it doesn’t work. My weight is always going up and down, non-stop and inconsistent. In my 20’s, I was just 100+ kg, and now I am in my 30’s, my weight is 157kg. So, it just doesn’t work for me. I have tried too many ways.

Well, last time I used to have an eating disorder. Most of the time, I just eat whenever and wherever I want. I don’t have a particular time to eat. I just skip my breakfast and lunch while tea time or day time I eat damn a lot with big portions.

—— End ——

See how he progresses throughout the weeks and months.

Watch Part 2



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