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Recap from Part 1: Well-known local entertainer and emcee Kenny Goi was keen to lose weight. Kenny was 157kg.
He’s tried different diets, exercises and slimming methods without good results. He shared his trouble on weight loss.

Here’s part 2 of Kenny telling about his weight loss journey!


Well, two weeks ago I visited Premier Clinic for the first time. I had a very good and nice doctor to help me. He said that “you should start to eat clean.” “Eat Clean?!” It is something I don’t know; what is eating clean?
Eat clean is no salts, no oil, no sugar, no dairy products. Come on; I can’t survive without it. But, impressively, for the past two weeks, I made it! In the morning, I ate egg whites; lunch time I took some vegetables and lean meat such as chicken breast or white fish fillet while at night time get simple dinner. For the first few days, it was like hell to me. I can’t sleep at night since I felt the hungriness. However, I told myself that I could do it. In the end, I survived for the past two weeks.


So, what’s going on? A week later, the doctor said that we could start on a treatment called the vanquish sessions or the Vanquish therapy. It is a machine that focuses on your tummy. You will feel warm, just simple – warm. But the after effect, you will sweat like there’s no tomorrow. It is burning your fat.
Every day, I have to wake up at 6:30 in the morning, I have to take a pill to control my diet or the feeling that wanting to eat. And then, I set another alarm where I must take an injection – the new technology called the HCG. It is very good and efficient for the body. If you are not sure, just Google it, and I don’t want to talk about it right now.


This HCG jab at first looks quite scary to me, but for the first time, I felt nothing at all. I am not sure because of the layers of the fat, or you just don’t feel the pain. The needle is super tiny, so there is no pain. Now, I am eating clean and feeling healthy now.


When you are fat or obese, you won’t go to the clinic and say, “hey I want to lose weight!” You feel shy since you dare not to speak out. But you don’t have this problem at Premier Clinic where all the staffs are very friendly. On the moment when you walked in, they treat you like a normal person; it’s like go to the clinic and get a flu medicine. They are friendly and helpful, making me not feel bad at all. It’s very homely especially when I come in; they put me in the waiting room where there are TV and sofa. It’s so cosy until it feels like I am sitting in your living room and chatting with friends on how to lose weight.


After my lunch, I am going in for my second session, and I don’t know what is going to happen, not knowing how much weight I have dropped. But I do know that I lost some weight. Two weeks later, I will update you again.
Oh my god, I lost so much, a total of 9.5kg in 2 weeks’ time. I am very happy now. Don’t video me as I cannot control my expression.

Stay Tuned.

— End —

With our oral weight loss medicine, HCG and Vanquish ME Radiofrequency, Goi Kenny lost 9.5kg in just 12 days! He’ll be on our slimming program for the next 6 months.

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