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4 Sexual Dysfunction Signs Women Should be Aware of


Sexual dysfunction in Malaysia is not a commonly discussed topic, especially among women. However, clinical studies have indicated that around 43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction, which arises as a result of psychological or physical issues. A gynecologist should be able to diagnose your specific problem, but there are also some tell-tale signs that can indicate an issue in your sex life. Here are four signs you should look out for if you suspect that you are suffering from sexual dysfunction.

What are the signs?

4 Sexual Dysfunction Signs Women Should be Aware of

1. Low Sex Libido

Low sex libido over an extended period of time may be the first sign of sexual dysfunction. It can be caused by both physical and psychological problems such as depression, diabetes, and low blood pressure. A change or decline in hormones being released may also contribute to this, especially for women that are around the age threshold of menopause.


2. Vaginal Dryness

Another indicator of sexual dysfunction can be vaginal dryness, which is also linked to low sex libido. This can also be caused by hormonal changes brought on by impending menopause, but also breastfeeding, while the psychological factors that contribute to this include anxiety and stress. A dry vagina will make it close to impossible to have sexual intercourse, and even with lubrication, it can prove to be unsatisfactory.

For some women, they may even be unable to get aroused at all, which is a more severe case of low sex libido. Research is currently being done to understand how blood flow issues could potentially be linked to the vagina and clitoris.

Pain During Sexual Intercourse

3. Pain During Sexual Intercourse

Another factor linked to sexual dysfunction is consistent pain during sexual intercourse, which can be caused by cysts, endometriosis, vaginitis and poor lubrication. Vaginismus is also a cause of pain during sex, which is an involuntary spasm of muscles around the vagina, resulting from a fear of painful penetration, or sexual phobia or traumatic experiences in the past.

The inability to orgasm, also known as anorgasmia, is also a sign of sexual dysfunction and can be caused by chronic diseases, select medications or psychological factors such as anxiety, guilt or even sexual trauma and abuse in the past.


PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation

How can it be treated?

Although the signs sound severe, the good news is that most causes of sexual dysfunction are very treatable and it should not be a complex procedure. Women experiencing the signs above without any improvement may want to look for treatments for vaginal rejuvenation.

One such treatment is PRP vaginal rejuvenation , which makes use of platelet rich plasma into the upper wall of the vagina or clitoris. This boosts the production rate of collagen and elastin – natural proteins that the body produces to repair and rejuvenate the skin. The PRP vaginal rejuvenation procedure is just a method to kick start this process.

Your doctor will draw blood from your own body, with the blood then put into a specialized machine to separate the plasma rich in platelets from the blood cells. Once separated, the plasma will be injected into the outlined area for treatment in the clitoris or the vagina to begin the rejuvenation process as described earlier.

It only takes one session of PRP vaginal rejuvenation in order to notice results, which should last for about 12 months, but this may vary from person to person. The mucosal skin should be thicker and tighter, and you should keep an eye on improvements throughout the year.

However, these results do not last forever and it is highly advisable to return for a top-up vaginal rejuvenation treatment after 12 months. Your doctor will also help to advise you accordingly and address your particular situation depending on your condition and will offer guidance to suit your specific needs.

At Premier Clinic, we completely assure your privacy as we understand that sexual dysfunction in Malaysia may still be a topic that many are still shy to discuss, which is why it is not widely spoken of. If you would like to know more about PRP vaginal rejuvenation and other similar procedures, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 012-662 5552 (TTDI/Bangsar/KL City branch) or 016-706 0101 (Puchong branch) to schedule a free consultation session.

Alternatively, you may email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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