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Most men will gradually lose hair as they age. However, for some, it is quite noticeable. Dealing with hair loss can be upsetting and present some challenges. Initially, some men might become anti-social, but it is better to deal with the situation gracefully.

You probably do not know this, but 95% of male hair loss, known as male pattern baldness, is hereditary. In fact, a quarter of all men will have noticeable hair loss by the age of 30 and two-thirds by the age of 60. This is thought to be caused by an excess of a male hormone that functions like a more intense version of testosterone affecting the delicate and sensitive hair follicles.

How to Cope with Hair Loss for Men?

Hair Loss for Men

Hair Loss Patterns

A receding hairline, or hair loss around the temples, starts towards the forehead and progressively moves backwards. This hair loss pattern happens in almost all men. In reality, less than 5% of adult males maintain the hairline they had in their youth.

Another type of hair loss pattern is hair loss in the crown. It usually starts at the crown at the back of the head and expands in a circular pattern outwards.

The third type of hair loss in men is general thinning. Most people notice hair thinning because their hair parting has widened. Men can experience up to 50% reduction in hair volume through thinning without developing any bald spots. For some, a sunburnt-looking scalp is the first sign they are experiencing this type of hair loss. This pattern of hair loss is also very common among women, with up to 75% of women affected by hair loss through the natural course of aging.

Hair Loss Patterns


TIPS: What to Do When You are Losing Hair?

There are a number of strategies that could be useful to handle hair loss. Your barber or hairstylist is an excellent person to discuss about the best way to cut your hair so that the affected part or your thinning hair will not be so obvious.

As a rule of thumb, short hairstyles make thinning hair less obvious, while longer hairstyles make it more obvious.

It is not a good idea to grow the sides of your hair longer to cover the balding spot on top or anywhere else. When you do this, you are drawing more attention to the balding spot, which you should avoid doing.

Covering your head with a hat is not a good approach either, especially if you live in a hot tropical climate such as in Malaysia. Your head needs to breathe. Also, covering your head is not dealing with it. You should get used to seeing the image of yourself with your new short haircut, etc. in the mirror. This will help you to accept your new look.

Another way to approach it is to shave it all off. Go for the increasingly trendy and sophisticated bald and sexy look.

Washing your thinning or fine hair regularly is necessary. This will prevent the hair from becoming greasy, especially if you sweat a lot in hot tropical weather. This will make your hair look patchy and thinner.

Lastly, use a light pomade, such as one made from clay, for a matte, non-greasy finish. You can blow-dry your hair to get extra volume too.

Hair Loss Patterns

FUE Hair Treatment

After trying all the techniques above to minimise the look of your balding spots or thinning hair, but still not able to accept it? Then, you can consider something else – Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair treatment.

Although it is a fairly recent hair loss treatment, this revolutionary hair transplant treatment in Malaysia will be adequate to completely cover receding hairlines or bald spots. This method requires minor surgery, but is still considered to be minimally invasive. A special tool is used in the procedure, which does not cause any linear scarring. This hair transplant treatment is suitable for both men and women.

In this procedure, a small number of hair follicles are individually removed from the ‘donor areas’, which are genetically stronger areas of the patient’s scalp, and then transplanted to the ‘recipient areas’, which are the areas with bald spots or thinning hair. This will restore the appearance of the patient’s hair.

FUE Hair Treatment



Before & After FUE Hair Treatment

FUE Hair Transplant Before After

FUE Hair Transplant Before After

FUE Hair Transplant Before After

FUE Hair Transplant Before After

FUE Hair Transplant Before After

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