5 Symptoms of a Loose Vagina

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5 Symptoms of a Loose Vagina

Our bodies change over the course of our lives. Most women experience significant changes after multiple childbirths, the natural aging process, medical conditions, surgeries and hormonal imbalances, one of which is a loose vagina.

From physical discomfort to popping noises, women with loose vaginas have some daily inconveniences to deal with. Diminished pleasure during sex could also hamper their sex life as well.

Loose vaginas is not a hot topic one brings up casually over coffee or a dinner function. So if you are shy to ask about it, here are 5 symptoms of a loose vagina for your knowledge.

Urinary Stress Incontinence

#1 – Urinary Stress Incontinence

Many women with loose vaginas experience stress incontinence, which is urine leakage due to the weakening of the muscles that support the bladder and control urine release.

The weakening of these pelvic muscles could be aggravated by childbirth, low levels of estrogen after menopause, pelvic surgery, injury to the urethra, etc. Other contributing factors include frequent coughing, obesity, urinary tract infection, excess urine from diabetes, etc.

Stress incontinence is not the same as common incontinence, because the affected women will leak urine when they engage in activities that put stress on the bladder. These include lifting heavy objects and even laughing and sneezing.

Problems Gripping Your Index Finger

#2 – Problems Gripping Your Index Finger

Try a simple way to check whether your vagina is loose. Insert your forefinger into the vagina. Then contract your muscles to clasp it with your labia. After that, add your index and middle fingers. Compare this with a single finger to check the tightness.

If you have inserted all these fingers into your vagina, but cannot feel them, then this means your vagina is loose.

Difficulty in Achieving Orgasm

#3 – Difficulty in Achieving Orgasm

If you have trouble achieving orgasm or climax during sex, it could be due to a loose vagina. To reach orgasm, a woman usually needs to have lengthy and sustained stimulation. Most women find their orgasm satisfying and it will be followed by pelvic muscle contractions.

Insensitivity towards Smaller Objects

#4 – Insensitivity towards Smaller Objects

If a woman is having difficulty getting stimulated, inserting a larger object into the vagina to feel stimulated is not a solution. In the short term, the woman might feel arousal, but it might make the situation worst in the long term. Instead, practice exercises that will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles regularly.

Reduction of Sexual Pleasure

#5 – Reduction of Sexual Pleasure

If you do not feel much during intercourse anymore and your partner does not seem to enjoy it, chances are you have a loose vagina.

Practice tightening techniques to improve the situation. However, it will take persistent and consistent effort over the course of a few months to see the noticeable effects.

Premier Clinic Doctors

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Laser vaginal rejuvenation can help to improve the strength, tone and control of the vaginal muscle tissues. The result is a tighter and stronger vagina.

The laser emits heat energy, which triggers the production of collagen and elastin. These natural compounds help to strengthen the vaginal canal and the cervical column. After this non-invasive and non-surgical treatment is complete, you may return to your daily routine, including work or exercise, without any worry.

At Premier Clinic, you will undergo consultation and treatment with female doctors exclusively to ensure your comfort and privacy. Your doctor will address any concerns you may have as well as recommend a suitable number of sessions for your specific situation

Contact us today to arrange for a free consultation to assess your condition. Our highly experienced doctors will recommend the best course of treatment for you.

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