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Stem Cell Hair Treatment

Our Premier Stem Cell Hair Treatment can reverse hair loss with visible results seen even after 1 month! This is achieved without any surgery or hair transplant, pain or downtime.

Premier Clinic is one of the leaders of hair loss treatments in Malaysia. We perform our Premier Stem Cell Hair Treatment for 40 to 50 patients each month in our 2 branches with excellent results and very high patient satisfaction.

Our hair loss treatment is affordable with easy payment options, yet gives excellent results with safety and comfort assured.






Here’s information about this exciting treatment:

1) What is Premier Stem Cell Hair Treatment?
It is a revolutionary treatment for hair loss whereby stem cells are harvested from a 2mm area of your own scalp, processed using a high tech machine to filter and concentrate the stem cells and injected into areas of hair loss. The stem cells increase the growth and thickness of new hair and reverses hair loss.

2) What are stem cells?
Stem cells are cells found in all tissue including on the scalp. The main function of stem cells is to replace or regenerate cells that are damaged or dead.

By harvesting and concentrating the quantity of hair stem cells and then injecting them at areas with hair loss, the stem cells are able to regenerate hair follicles that have been damaged due to aging, stress, environmental factors, drugs and hormonal changes. This promotes hair growth and reverses hair loss.

3) How is the Premier Stem Cell Hair Treatment performed?
Our highly experienced and qualified aesthetic doctor will have a thorough examination of your scalp using a hair microscope to check your hair follicles.

Our doctor will gently and painlessly harvests healthy hair follicles in a 2mm area (1 graft unit) from your scalp without bleeding or discomfort. Anesthesia is used so you will have a comfortable experience all the way.

The hair follicles are placed into a high tech machine to filter and harvest concentrated stem cells.

The processed stem cells are then injected into balding areas with the finest needles to minimise discomfort.

4) What are the results?
You will see improvements on the thickness
and density of your existing hair. There is visible growth of new hair follicles even on the first month itself.

5) How many sessions are required?
There are improvements even after 1 session. More sessions can be performed if you desire to have even better results.

6) What are the side effects?

There is minimal to no side effects as the stem cells used are from your own body with zero compatibility issues. There is usually no pain, swelling, bleeding, scarring or other problems.

7) What precautions are necessary after the procedure?

As there are injections involved, do not go swimming for the next 3 days after procedure to prevent infection from dirty water.

Showering is perfectly fine. Try to avoid touching the area with your fingers unnecessarily for the first day. You may shampoo as usual after the first few days.

Painkillers are usually unnecessary. You may exercise or work as usual.

8) Are follow-ups necessary after the procedure?

You are advised to come back for a follow-up approximately 14 days after the first session. Our doctor will check on your progress and ensure everything is going well. Follow-ups are free of charge.

9) How much does it cost?

We charge RM7999 for 1 graft unit. You may use more graft units to increase the concentration of stem cells and obtain even better results if you wish to.

8) How long does the procedure take?
Approximately 60 minutes.

9) Who are suitable for this treatment?
Any man or woman who suffers from hair loss or hair thinning can be a good candidate provided there are some live hair follicles.

Those who are completely bald may be more suitable for other procedures which are available at our clinic such as hair transplant, mesotherapy, oral or spray medications. Call us now at +60-12-662 5552 or email to get a free consultation.

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