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Why Do People Undergo Penile Enlargement?

For many individuals, they tend to often measure the value of a penis by its size – usually its length; however, no attention is paid to the girth of the penis. This is not something that should be ignored; according to official academic research, the majority of sexual partners tend to favour a penis with a larger girth instead of one that is longer. Most of the time, partners will experience more sexual pleasure with a penis that has a large girth.

As with any long-term and loving relationship, the sexual satisfaction and health of both parties are very important in order to continue fanning the flames of love. It is usually for this reason that men will opt to undergo penis enlargement, and not because of problems with self-confidence or the stigma associated with having a small penis.

Treatment Procedure

Patient #1 Penis Enlargement at Premier Clinic (video published with consent)


Patient #2 Penile Enlargement at Premier Clinic (video published with consent)

To enlarge a person’s penis, dermal fillers are usually used. It is a very quick treatment that only needs a maximum of 1 hour to finish up. Premier Clinic has a host of highly experienced and professional doctors who can administer this treatment swiftly and safely. The shaft and the glans penis (the penis head) will be injected with dermal fillers in order to enlarge it, making the girth larger using a very small needle. Due to the miniscule size of the needle, the penis enlargement procedure is largely safe and simple, without causing much discomfort or pain to the patient undergoing treatment. Using a local anaesthetic is usually not necessary for penis enlargement.

In Asia, penis enlargement has been a regular procedure for a number of years now. Most patients that undergo this treatment have indicated a high rate of satisfaction for the results, which importantly are also very natural-looking. You should expect a circumference gain of about 20% on average from the dermal fillers, but this can also vary depending on each individual case. However, results are not permanent and will usually last about a year on average. In some cases, it may be longer but note that this is the exception rather than the rule. Any circumference gains will always have to be maintained using top-up treatments sooner rather than later.

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