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The last few years have seen rapid adoption of PRP treatment. It stands for Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP), a procedure that utilizes chemical compound in the body to therapeutic effect.


This procedure requires blood to be drawn from donor, after which the blood will be processed accordingly. The processing allows derivatives such as platelet to be cultured and used for treatment as it contains high concentration of growth factor.


Madam Than is suffering from joint pain in her knee due to receding cartilage. She has had this problem for the past 3 years without any solution. She have been to many specialists and was advised to undergo major operation to insert titanium plate to lessen the pain, which she decline.


Her filial son then advised her to try PRP treatment at Premier Clinic. He had earlier read about PRP being used by athletes to great effect. Injured professional footballers have responded well to the treatment with faster recovery reported in cases such as ligament damage and muscle related injuries.

With nothing to lose, Madam Than came to Premier Clinic to see Dr. Kee hoping that this treatment called PRP can help alleviate the pain at her knee joint. She met with Dr. Kee, and was pleasantly surprise by the courtesy shown by the doctor.


She felt comfortable as she attuned to every detail that Dr. Kee explained. She agreed to do PRP without hesitation and proceed to the treatment room to have her blood drawn. The curative effect of the blood is increase five fold after processing, which then is used to inject into the problematic knee.


Madam Than did felt the difference right after the treatment. Her movement is less hindered and she definitely feel lesser pain. She took the staircase test, her movement up and down the stairs have shown marked improvement in terms of postural stability, as well as a return to normal movement pattern.


The very next day, Mdm Than called in to Premier Clinic to expresses her gratitude for she doesn’t feel any pain at all. Her agony for the past 3 years have just vanished overnight, and it’s made possible by Premier Clinic!

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