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a4530d7f-a955-4237-b9fc-35a68f147aa4Tyler has acne problem and it seems to spread all over his face. Besides blemishes, he also has tissue scarring caused by inflammation as a result of pinching. Before it gets any worse, Tyler visited Premier Clinic.

He was examined by Dr. Elaine, who also advised Tyler to stop touching his face, a habit he developed while watching TV and while online surfing. Bacteria transmit via the hand through the nails can aggravate acne problem as well, so touching the face is not advisable.


Dr. Elaine then recommended chemical peel to treat his problem, which served to lighten acne scars at the same time. Chemical peel is a rapid exfoliator suitable to remove dead skin cells, whiteheads, blackheads, pustules throughout the face. Once the outer skin is thoroughly exfoliated of impediments and impurities, our inner cells would be activated to produce new skin turnover.


Tyler was first cleansed with Ultrasonic Cleansing to remove dirt and grime, before Dr. Elaine apply the specially concocted chemical peel suitable for his skin. As a topical application, chemical peel provides the breadth of coverage to the face quite unlike other treatments.


After the removal of chemical peel, a soothing mask is applied to calm down the skin. Here the soothing mask replenishes the skin with hydration and also protect the skin from vulnerability. The whole treatment lasted for about 1 hour. Tyler can still feel tingling heat in the face, but was assured that it will subside very soon.


A good chemical peel treatment not only brought a smile on Tyler’s face but we are pretty sure improvement on the skin as well!

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