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Check out one of Premier Clinic’s top doctors, Dr. Jaswine Chew latest video on Fractional Laser for Skin Resurfacing. Video below would be a short video on how Dr. Jaswine Chew apply Fractional Laser for Skin Resurfacing on her patient.




Hello everyone, I am Dr. Jaswine.

Today I will talk to you about Fractional Laser. Fractional Laser also called Laser for Resurfacing. It used to treat fine lines, wrinkles and even skin pigmentation that caused by aging, and acne scarring.

Fractional Laser worked for both for epidermal and dermal skin layer. The laser beam is divided into thousands tiny deep columns which is called as the micro thermal treatments’ zone. Within each treatments’ zone, the old epidermal pigmented cell is expelled. And new collagen is formed in the dermal layer.

Prior to the procedure, a numb session for 20 minutes will be carried out. The entire procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes. During the procedure, you may feel heat and pain. This sensation depended on the energy delivered to the skin. Right after the procedure, you might experience like a sunburn sensation, warm, hot, swelling and redness. It will last for a few hours.

After second to third day, you skin will start to form scabs. The scabs will be slowly fallen off. After 7 to 10 days, you will get a brand-new skin, It is important to make sure you keep your face hydrated after the procedure. A hydrating mask is a good choice. Also, please make sure you put on your sun protection, SPF more than 30 before you go for your outdoor activity.

So, it’s all about Fractional Laser, it will give you a smoother, brighter, fresher and a good skin.

Hope you enjoy this video and I will see you soon!

—— End ——


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