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For many aging individuals, balding and hair thinning is a big concern as it is very common and can affect anyone. Often times, these people will look out for hair restoration treatments such as hair implants or hair transplants in order to reverse its effects. However, many are not aware of the acute differences between hair transplants and hair implants despite both treatments addressing the same problem.

Hair transplant

The key difference that sets hair transplant apart from hair implant is that the former treatment sees the patient’s own hair being used. Known as follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant, strands are harvested from a donor site from the patient’s body, which is not suffering from balding or thinning. Those hairs are then transplanted into the treatment area outlined on the scalp.

FUE Hair Transplant ProcessFUE hair transplant is a very suitable treatment as hair in the donor area will grow back to normal in a few days, making the procedure extremely hard to notice. There is also close to little downtime, with patients able to resume their daily activities without much issue – many even return to work the following day!

Aesthetically, these hairs will look more natural compared to synthetic hair as it is produced by the patient’s body. In addition, there is no risk at all of the body choosing to reject the hair; this is because it is self-grown whereas synthetic hairs are considered foreign particles, which could lead to the body not accepting it and reacting unfavourably.

Hair implant

Biofibre Hair Implant ProcedureKnown as biofibre hair implant, this treatment is considered a minor surgical procedure and works by planting hairs made from biocompatible medical fibre. As outlined earlier, there is a minor chance that the body could reject these hair implants but reactions can often be identified and countered prior to treatment. If needed, these hairs may also be removed in a single piece as each one has a reversible knot which makes it easy to remove without leaving scars.

A key plus point in favour of biofibre hair implant is that the synthetic hairs are highly resistant to mechanical, physical and even chemical stress. In addition, hair transplant follicles can take several months to grow whereas the results of hair implants can be seen immediately.

Which hair restoration treatment is best for me?

When choosing between FUE hair transplant and biofibre hair implant, you should weigh up your options as well as what your needs are at that point in time. If you are looking for gradual hair restoration, FUE hair transplant might be a suitable option given its safety as well as its natural look due to using hairs grown by your own body. In addition, transplanted hair can be cut, styled and even dyed as with normal hair which might be something to consider if you like to switch up your hairdo frequently.

If instant results are what you are looking for, it might be best to opt for biofibre hair implant as many cases can usually be treated within one session. Of course, this is subject to the size of the treatment area as well as the condition of the scalp but it is usually the much faster option. This can come in handy if you need to keep up your appearance during functions or special events.

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