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Premier Signature Hair Growth Laser


When most people are losing 100 strands of hair everyday, some of us are losing more. Based on a research, hair loss affects almost 56 million people worldwide and this is now more prevalent in millennials. The hair loss drastically impacted their appearance, thus decreases their confidence.

The most common type of hair loss is male or female pattern baldness, and it usually kicks it in our middle 30s or in our early 40s. According to a research by ABC News, men spend around USD 1 billion every year to regain back their full head of hair. However, prevention is better than cure. Let’s check out what are the common cause of hair loss.

GENETICS plays a big role in hair loss. It is the largest factor contributing to this problem for men and women over 50. If your father or your grandfather had the hair loss problem, it is highly likely that you will be experiencing it too. It is best to take precautionary steps (will be explained below).

LIFESTYLE is also a main cause of hair thinning. Routines like consuming alcohol, and smoking can restrict blood flow to your scalp, denying your scalp of nutrients it needed to grow healthy. Lifestyle also includes your diet, and daily sleeping pattern. If you do not have enough sleep, your body might not have the energy it needs to sustain your metabolism. As each individual cells in your body have their ‘expiry date’, the low metabolism will shorten its lifespan, causing your hair to fall off immaturely.

Premier Signature Hair Growth Laser

PREGNANCY and MENOPAUSE often results in hair loss for women. The natural hormonal changes will happen for pregnant and menopausal women in your body, and the nutrient sharing with your baby will cause your body to shed off your hair in order to prioritise your baby. However, in most cases, hair loss caused by pregnancy is very temporary and you will be able to get back your set of full hair after the delivery. If you are still struggling afterwards, kindly reach out to us so we can help you better. However, for menopausal women, hair loss is more serious.

DISEASE or ILLNESSES are also known to cause hair loss. Several illnesses are known to cause our metabolism to attack hair follicles so it will not grow. This included alopecia areata, hypothyroidism, acute stress disorder and syphilis. If you are known to have this illnesses, we would encourage you to go seek treatments as soon as possible so it will not spread.



If you are having these symptoms kindly reach out to us so we can help you better:

  • Gradual thinning on the top of your head should be an alarming sign that you are experiencing hair loss.
  • Receding hairline is another sign you should refer to a doctor. Receding hairline is a sign of premature hair loss that is caused by male-pattern baldness.
  • Patchy bald spots here and there in non-uniform size and pattern. It might be caused by alopecia areata. You should meet up a doctor immediately to avoid it from worsening.




Premier Signature Hair Growth Laser is a low-light laser therapy (LLLT) which is known to help promoting hair growth. This painless, safe, short-session procedure can be used to treat male and female hair loss.

Low-level laser light therapy was approved by the USA FDA as a safe treatment for male and female pattern hair loss respectively. LLLT have long been used in the industry for its ability to promote cellular growth and repair, which includes skin cells reproduction, nerve regeneration and collagen boosting effects.

Premier Signature Hair Growth Laser


Premier Signature Hair Growth Laser emits a low level light energy of 630 – 670mm wavelength per second. As this laser exposed to the scalp, the laser light energy gets absorbed by the stem cells in hair follicle and energy is released in the form of ATP. This energy is then used by the hair follicle to do the needed repairing and stimulate the hair growth cycle. The light process promotes stimulation of epidermal stem cells in the hair follicle bulge and shifting the follicles into anagen phase.

LLLT stimulates anagen re-entry in telogen hair follicles, increase rates of proliferation in active anagen hair follicles, prolonging duration of anagen phase, and in result, prevent premature catagen development.

This process strengthens the villus hair roots before it gets weak and falls off. It also helps to stabilize the normal hair cycle in case of telogen effluvium. This low-intensity light also helps to stimulate cellular activity.

Real patient journey: Manson’s follow up & Premier Signature Hair Growth Laser


Premier Signature Hair Growth Laser is known as an incredibly effective treatment to treat thinner, weaker hair follicles. It can help promote hair to grow thicker, stronger, and healthier.

As it was proven in multiple studies, PSHGL helped to slow down or even stop hair loss in 85% of patients undergoing treatment. Patients also recorded new hair growth in 55% of the cases.

However, this laser does not work for those who already have a severe baldness. It cannot help to promote hair follicle growth where there’s no follicle to start with. LLLT only works on active hair follicles and has no effect on hair follicles that are already dead.

The result for the treatment can be seen as early as 2 months after the procedures. To ensure optimum effect, we’d recommend you to combine it with other procedures such as FUE hair or PRP for hair.


Watch your diet:  As the popular saying goes,You are what you eat”. Our doctors recommending to avoid consuming too much salt in your food, and to take in more high protein diet to increase keratin quality for your hair.  Foods like eggs, spinach, fish and nuts are compact with proteins to help you regrow your hair.  Besides that, eating berries can also avoid hair thinning. This is berries are loaded with beneficial compounds and vitamins that may promote hair growth.

Keep yourself hydrated: The key to keeping a healthy set of hair is as simple as drinking enough water. Our hair comprises of ¼ water, so, keeping a good routine of hydration can go a long way.

Reduce alcohol intake and avoid smoking: As drinking alcohol and smoking are a huge contributor of hair loss, lessening it activity may help you to hair growth. Smoking reduces the amount of blood circulation to your scalp, thus denying your scalp to receive the important nutrients for it to grow.


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