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While acne is a temporary problem and will naturally reduce itself over a short period of time, it usually leaves a scar that sometimes can be permanent. Worry not as this natural body process as the skin would repair itself naturally after been damaged by a wound or injury. After the process, however, scars will form on the skin as a result of overproduced collagen fibres.

Acne scars are often the products of inflamed lesions. Lesions occur when the follicle, or pore, becomes engorged with dead skin cells, excess oil, and bacteria. When the pore swells because of the infection, it will cause a break in the follicle wall. If the break it is near the skin’s surface, the lesion can heal quickly.

To repair the damages, our skin will naturally form new collagen fibres to close the wound. Collagen is the natural protein in our skin that gives the skin its glow and flexibility. However, the finished skin would never look as smooth and flawless as the skin before the injury, thus causing the scar.


There are a lot of treatments available in the market including surgeries, or non-surgical methods to reduce the impact of the scars. One of the outstanding non-surgical treatment in the market is the Pico Laser treatment which is using laser to improve skin texture.

Pico laser treatment is a painless, non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that gives you an instant effect of skin rejuvenation. It can help diminish pigmentations, age spots, acne scars whilst redefine skin lines and boost collagen production. As a result, you’ll have a more flawless, redefined younger skin! 284 of our customers has already approved this procedure, how about you?



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Pico laser treatment is the No. 1 scar removal in the market to help with scar removal. This FDA-approved procedure is proven to get rid of scars, pigmentations, age spots, sun burns, and tattoo. Pico laser is considered one of the most preferred laser treatment in the world with customers rate of the satisfaction up to 92%.

This procedure doesn’t have a downtime, meaning you can go back to your normal routine after the procedure. There are very less side effects associated with this treatment as it doesn’t involve surgery and the treatment only goes down to dermis layer of the skin.

Pico laser has been used for quite sometimes in the market, but Premier Clinic is using the most advanced, updated machine to give consumer better results and customer satisfaction.



Pico laser treatment works by using pico-sound pulses to alter changes within epidermis and dermis layer. The new feature of Pico laser, Picosure Focus Lens Array delivers ultra-shot pulses per seconds and destroyed damaged skin cells in skin layers that usually causes pigmentations and age spots. While it does that, it also triggers natural collagen production in the skin, stimulating a non-traumatic tissue healing response.

The damages skin cells will exit the body naturally through our lymphathic system so you do not have to worry of any remaining side-product of this procedure.




pico-rejuvenation-treatment-1024x1024You may see the natural result of Pico laser treatment in 1 week as your old skin starts to peel off and reveal the new youthful skin underneath.

For most patients, 1 session is enough to see the result, however, depending on the severity of the skin, some may need 2nd to 4th sessions to achieve maximum result.

Patients are always encouraged to apply moisturisers and drink a lot water as it helps providing skin with enough nutrient.

Youmay notice some redness and skin peeling off after the treatment, but this is normal as the damaged cells are present.

Kindly apply cold packs to the affected area, following with skin care treatments as normal. Avoid direct sunlight exposure and always apply sunscreen when you’re out of the house.

Picking at skin or scabs is highly prohibited. Please let the skin peel off naturally. Avoid using Retin-A, Benzyl Peroxide or glycaloc acid for few weeks after the procedure as it may interfere with the healing process. Do not go for swimming or tanning as to avoid unnecessary infections to your skin.



Can I remove a scar completely?

Up to date, there are no procedures that can completely make a scar disappear completely and restore the skin to the condition it was before the scar. However, Pico laser is the closest you can get to returning to your original skin condition by reducing the scar effects and make it less noticeable. Pico laser works best on flat scars. Keloid and hypertrophic scars however needs different kind of treatments.

When can I see the result?

You can see an immediate effect after the first session. Your skin will experience some redness and dead skin cells will fall out slowly afterwards, revealing a true beautiful skin underneath.

Is Pico laser safe?

Pico laser treatment is completely safe! There are no side effects or dietary commitment after the treatment so you can kiss your worries (and your scar) goodbye!

Is this treatment painful?

Pico Laser treatment is not painful. Patients often described the treatments as a short series of hot spots on their skin.

How many treatments are needed for Pico Laser to remove a scar completely?
  • The number of Pico laser treatments for scars vary depending on the condition being treated and how each individual skin respond to the treatment.
  • The number of treatments for scar removal is largely dependent on the clinical condition being addressed but 2-5 treatments are common. Our doctor will be able to provide you with a personalized plan after the consultation.
How long can the result last?

Tattoo removal and acne scar results are permanent. Skin revitalization treatment results are long lasting, but some pigment conditions can be recurrent. Some patients find that a PicoSure Focus treatment every six months can help prevent accumulation of pigment and slow the appearance of wrinkles.

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“I had a nasty large area of scars on my leg which made me very self-conscious in the summer and when swimming, after 3 sessions of Pico Laser I have a less visible scar now. The team at Premier Clinic were fantastic and so kind & supportive and Dr. Joycelyn was very good. I am so happy with the results and will feel a lot more confident in the summer months. Thank you.”

5-stars-togetherTan See Lee, 26

“I had three large scars on my forehead after falling off a bicycle when I was 10.  Because I peeled of the scabs, the scar got worse. Ever since then I have been very shy to show off my legs, but recently I found Premier Clinic on Facebook and I have seen visible improvement in my knees and am ready to be back by the pool this summer.”

5-stars-togetherCarmen Wong, 29

“Dr. Foo and the nurses at Premier Clinic KL City was very professionals and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. My scar on cheek has reduced significantly eversince the treatment. Would really recommend this to my family and friend.”

5-stars-togetherAhmed Yasseen, 32

“The doctor was very nice I only spoke with him for less than 30 mins before the treatment which he did a great job. Again, I was expecting to see him after 7 days to see how the skin peel off.  I was able to ask questions about how it went and questions about healing process. Overall good job!”

5-stars-togetherSteven Tan, 32



Premier Clinic provides advanced care in the field of aesthetic medicine, and to boost the confidence and outlook of our clients. Whether you need a simple service or a complicated treatment, our team of professionals will ensure you receive our best care with our array of services.

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