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Stubborn fat is a fat that hard to lose after series of dieting and exercise. It store more fat,releases less it under the influence of insulin and let less blood flow through it. Stubborn fat also act very differently from regular fat found elsewhere in our body. We can’t simply get rid of the stubborn fat the same way as regular fat.

Sugar and hormones are the most common causes how stubborn fat thickening by accumulating fat around our tummy, hips and other part of the body. Dieting less and exercising more will make stubborn fat become more stubborn.



CLATUU is a state-of-the-art non-invasion fat freezing technology that uses 360° surround cooling method. It helps to get rid of unwanted fat in any part of the body or desired part through cryolipolysis.  In other words, fat cells are literally frozen until they are destroyed.There are two types of applicator available which come in two different shape; flat type and wing type. The flat type applied for small areas while wing type use for big bulges such as abdomen, back and flanks.


CLATUU Fat Freezing Treatment

Natural fat reduction

CLATUU treatments do not require and anesthesia. Usually, only  minimal downtime and minimum discomfort is experienced. You can expect to return to your normal routine after your treatment.

CLATUU functions by gently drawing fatty areas into the patented 360° applicators, where powerful suction holds the fat layer while the treatment area is exposed to cooling energy. The sophisticated cooling energy is delivered directly into the targeted fat deposits without disturbing the skin and other body tissues. The selected area will be cooled to a low temperature, where the body’s natural ‘apoptosis’ processes are activated. The built-in safety sensors maintain a constant temperature. This prevents unwanted side effects.

The CLATUU procedure crystallizes fat cells, which are then eliminated through natural metabolism. This advanced cooling technology is called Cryolipolysis, and it freezes fats at –9 ºC for 1 hour per session. The damaged fat cells are eventually collected and removed by the body’s natural processes. Candidates experience noticeable and measurable changes in the targeted area.

The end result is that fat deposits will shrink significantly in size, but the skin and the surrounding tissue will not be affected. A difference can be noticed around 4-6 weeks after your first treatment. The result will continuously improve for the next 3 months. To maximise the results, candidates should follow a healthy lifestyle, sensible diet and a good exercise regime.




CLATUU Fat Freezing Machine

CLATUU is a non-invasive fat freezing treatment, which does not require surgery, and does not incur downtime. The treatments provide natural body shaping and contouring. The body will have a natural-looking and contoured appearance without having gone under the knife.

With the world’s first patented 360° cooling applicators, CLATUU provides faster and more effective fat reduction treatment. With powerful cooling up to –9 ºC and 50 KPa suction, its Dual Handpiece system is more efficient and effective than Single Handpiece devices which can treat only one side at a time.

Its use-friendly system will lead to effective and noticeable results. The built-in safety sensors maintain a constant temperature to prevent unwanted side effects.


A candidate with problematic areas of stubborn fat that will not disappear, even with regular diet and exercise, and whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is mildly above ideal, is a suitable candidate for CLATUU. Usually, the problematic areas are fat bulges such as muffin tops, love handles, fat deposits on the abdomen, upper arms, inner arms, inner thighs, back bulges, outer hips, and others.

Stubborn Fat Treatment Area



You might feel a little cold as the treatment use special to cool targeted parts of our body to freezing temperature especially during the treatment where the cryolipolysis kicks in.But it is very tolerable and manageable.You may experience some minor side-effects, including temporary redness, bruising and swelling over targeted areas but this is normal.



Please note that CLATUU Freezing Fat Away is not a weight loss treatment. It does not replace the benefits of proper diet and exercise, and it does not treat obesity.

Patients who have had CLATUU treatments should practise an exercise and healthy diet programme after their treatment to take full advantage of the treatment benefits.The procedure works by killing fat cells at the targeted area without damaging surrounding cells in results of smoother skin, better contoured, body reshape and overall fat loss.


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